The Board of Directors of SEA ANGEL SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT.LTD. is a team of highly professional Senior Management people, enriched with vast knowledge in shipping and hold decades of rounded experience in their core profession. Our team operates on an independently designed management style directed towards growth, progress and profitability. SASM Pvt.Ltd's values are conservative and hence enjoy long trajectories of growth in all the projects that our company embarks upon. There are well defined set of "key business areas" which are constantly reviewed and nurtured by our management.

The Board is quick in decision making and upholds highest values of sound business practices and ethics at all times. Futuristic business programs embracing modern management technology and skills are some of the spot lights in the road map of SASM Pvt.Ltd'. Current focus is to build up SASM Pvt.Ltd's asset base or fleet in terms of service. The Board of Directors is ably assisted by team of hard working and pro-active staffs who speaks the same language of service, quality and professional values. In other words, we are completely "HANDS ON".